About Us

This blog, 75grams of Paintings (75GOP), aka Paintings at the Exhibitions (PATE), is run by two Art Enthusiasts. 75grams and Pizza Queen.

We have decided to start an art blog to share our thoughts mainly on the visual arts scene of Singapore and other relevant/ interesting visual arts related things that we encounter overseas.

Our interest leans towards contemporary art and younger artists, hence you will definitely find a skew in the exhibitions attended and the write ups done.

Pizza Queen is our resident Art Enthusiast, who like the Stig seldoms says anything. But when it posts something it will definitely be a gem and not to be missed.

We don't have any formal art education. No Diploma, degree or masters in Fine Arts, Art history, art education, art therapy, etc etc.
We don't work in the Art Industry i.e. Gallery, Art Fairs, Museums...etc etc
We aren't Artists or Curators.
We aren't in Art Education, i.e. NAFA, LaSalle, NTU, etc, etc.
We do own art pieces.

We are just good olde Enthusiasts that treat this as a hobby, and don't intend to get involved formally because that will spoil the hobby. We try to go and see more art to improve our eye. We also have read Rudolf Arnheim's Art and Visual Perception which is an excellent read that all interested in visual arts should read. We also try to read more and learn more about the art, artists, art scenes and art trends through magazines, internet and books. Also talking to Artists and Art industry people lends further to understanding and appreciation. And this interaction with people makes things more satisfying and makes it more of a people and objects hobby rather then just things. And at times we try to understand the financial aspect of the crazy art market.

No Sosher media for us, too much time just typing the blog.

And through this blog we hope our thoughts and experiences will trickle through to you.


  1. Chanced upon your blog while on Yeo Tze Yang. Will be my compass for now. Looking for a few affordable pieces. :)

    1. Great to hear from you! Yeo Tze Yang is a good artist and one to watch.

  2. Tks mdm. Small meagre budget of 500-1k. Any recommendations? :)

  3. Love your blog. Helps with deciding what to go see on weekends instead of the usual gallery hopping at Gillman. Thanks.

  4. Hello! Love reading your blog.. will you still be continuing your blog?