Monday 11 September 2017

AAF Young Talent Programme Winner's Solo Exhibition 2017

This exhibition is held from 1st to 24th September 2017 over at Ion Art Gallery.

The three winner's are Le Thuy, Leow Wei Li and Tay Ining.

Le Thuy did her drawings on silk. Nice works.

Leow Wei Li did some more of her paintings which are in the same vein as the previous shows. But this time she also showed an installation of a toilet floor trap covers and sound. Interesting work. Not visually pleasing but auditory-wise, interesting.

Tay Ining did more of her metal works which included some organic material like sausages and rice to deal with the subject of rot. Interesting works. Here at 75GOP, we really like what she is doing.

Le Thuy

Leow Wei Li

Tay Ining

Points for Collectors: For all 3 artists we would give a buy rating.

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