Sunday 12 March 2017

'Malti - various artists

This exhibition is held from 13th February till 3rd March 2017 over at One East Asia Art Space.

It features the artists Christopherson Ho, Jaime Tan, Kyung Sun Jun, Lam Yau Sum, Ong Li Jie, Martha Chaudhry, Nandita Mukand and Leow Wei Li.

The works were interesting for these young artists. But I really like Nandita's works. It is really an improvement and really something different. She would be really interesting to follow and she is definitely passionate about her art.

Leow Weili did some more of the works she had been working on. Nice works.

Nandita's Work

Nandita's Works

Martha's work

Leow Wei Li

Points for collectors: Nandita and Leow Weili are given a buy rating. Unable to give fair assessments  to the rest. Martha Chaudhry's works are interesting too, have to see what more she does.

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